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Member INeedAwesome1


2 months ago
Discord: INeedAwesome1#2180 Minecraft: INeedAwesome1 Password: 1ng213eb2 SIKE, U THOUGHT YOU WOULD GET PASSWORD NOOOOOOB Hard to choose wether or not to do somehting likes to programm in java im 14 years old (month of birth: september) place: sweden cold af , loves minecraft, dirt 4, among us, forager, rocket league, geometry dash and a bit of fortnite(1v1 me INeedAwesome1 @ epic ) quite quiet in a vc with nothing to talk about loves to watch youtube. if its not perfect I probably hate it but it depends Doesnt like to f ing pay for things
Registered: 2 months ago
Last Seen: about 1 month ago
Profile Views: 55

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